10 Times Greater

“During Prayer and Fasting last January, I was praying to God for financial breakthrough – savings by the end of the year and asked for an exact amount. By faith, I was just believing for it as I asked God for an outrageous amount- outrageous for me but not for my God.

Indeed, He is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine. At the moment Mid-year Prayer and Fasting was announced, which was during the Worship & Prayer Night on June, my prayers weren’t anwered yet because the goal was by the end of the year; and some has raised their hands when asked if our prayers have been answered already. Then, in less than 7 days, we received an unusual news about an inheritance from a far relative.

God showed his faithfulness and answered my prayer through a cheque sent to my mom that is worth 10 times of what I prayed for!”