A Heart of Forgiveness

I started praying and fasting in 2013 for the salvation of my sister. Last 2014, I was part of the mission trip to Myanmar and there came such storm in our family. My sister hasn’t graduated college yet and my heart broke when I and my family learned that she was pregnant.
Things became much harder to bear but I needed to trust God that everything works for the good. It was hard for me to go on a mission trip and leave my family in despair. God turned things around when He granted us a heart of forgiveness to my sister. We talked to her and she was so apologetic of what happened. We became closer after that talk and we’re now enjoying the presence of our little angel at home.

I started bringing my sister to church since then and she accepted God as her personal Lord and Savior! And not just that, I’m the one going through ONE 2 ONE with her. Right now, we’re reaping the benefits of knowing each other more and making up with the times we didn’t talk to each other much before while studying the word of God!