Contradicting Faith Goals, Both Answered

“It was 2012 Prayer and Fasting when I wrote in my faith goals that I want a promotion and a new job. I doubted to write both of them because they were contradicting. I was asking for a promotion and then thinking of leaving my current job at the same time. I decided to write both of it anyway and said “either of the two is ok with me, God ikaw na bahala”.

I had a lot of debts that time because of a business failure and I really needed an increase in my finances. My salary was not even enough to pay the bills and my needs for a whole month. It all just goes to my debts.

July 2012, I got promoted to a senior position and had a salary increase of almost 40%. October 2012, my former officemate called me and offered me a job which I accepted and where I am working right now. My salary now is almost double before I was promoted and I am now free from debts.

Nothing is impossible with God.”