From 5M to 0 Debt

“My family has been in debt since 2003. For 10 straight years, my parents have tried persistently to settle 5-M worth of debt from our already bankrupt distributing business.

At the middle of 2011, we had at least half a million left to pay. And with my papa losing his job, we had barely any money to live by.

For 2 years we persevered to find ways both to survive and pay off the rest of it. We were trying to sell a property that we’re no longer using so we could be able to settle it.

Then by God’s good graces, approximately one month after prayer and fasting, a friend of my parents referred the property to a businessman, and within 1 week, we sold it. We used the money to clear the rest of our debts and, we were also able to save some in the bank.

Indeed, when you seek Him, all things will follow.”