God Healed Me And Provided For My Wedding

“At the start of the 2014, having diagnosed with a medical condition and considering our responsibilities and financial status, it seemed impossible for me and my fiancé to set a wedding within the year. But by faith, we just believed that God can heal me and that marriage is His will for us.

Days after the Prayer & Fasting, my abdonimal pain worsened and I had to take higher doses of painkillers every 6-8 hours every day to manage the pain. Our time and resources (the little that we’ve saved up for the wedding) were getting used up for my medication, lab tests, medical procedures and doctor consultations (we consulted more than 5 doctors and then stopped counting!) My medical condition was also affecting my job so I had to resign from work and lose my salary. Definitely, planning for a wedding anytime soon seemed more impossible for us– but not with our powerful God.

I remember running out of faith in my faith and was just grateful that God is it’s author and perfector. Even while crying almost every day because of what seemed to be a never-ending unbearable pain, God’s love stilled me. He kept us holding on to His promises. He is faithful. Surely, He hears us and he has not forgotten.

What seemed impossible for us became the stage where God’s power would shine through! More than just granting us a wedding within the year, God overwhelmed us with miracles after miracles in an amazing 48-day wedding preparation, amidst the pain, without a job, and not too long after the Prayer & Fasting!

On March 29, we got married! It was not my dream wedding– it was actually way beyond what I can even ask for or imagine! Left to ourselves, I don’t think saving up/planning for even a whole year would even get us close to such a wedding! Truly, our God is able. His ways are perfect and His timing is the best. We may have many plans, but we’re thankful that it’s His purpose that prevails.

P.S. 4 days before the wedding, I had a Bridal Shower where I was prayed for. Since that night, my abdominal pain was gone.”

– Adrienne Gayatao