God Knew the Need and Provided Before I Prayed For It

I am believing God for complete provision for a training for the first quarter of this year. A week before the fast, I wrote a breakdown of the training’s financial requirements in the fasting manual. In the MORNING of the 1st DAY of fasting, I received a confirmation of a big financial gift. Its amount is exact to one of the fees written in the manual! It means God knew the need and has provided for it before I prayed for it. On the 4TH DAY, I received another gift that will complete my savings and complete the training fees. That’s 100%!!! On the 5TH & LAST DAY, God gave me another bonus gift through another generous person. I’m continuously believing the LORD’s promise that His goodness will follow me all the days of my life! God is able and faithful. He will help me through this training to fulfill His will.