God’s Favor In Our Rent

“During our seven day prayer and fasting last January, one of the things I was believing God for was to be able to move to a bigger place. I was praying that it would still be around Salcedo village or Legazpi village in Makai, and that my roommate and I wouldn’t have to pay more. It seemed impossible since all the units in those areas start at more than what we were already paying for our studio. I was also asking God to give us favor with our future landlord.

A few weeks after the fast, a couple friend from our Victory church in Alabang messaged me and a few other friends asking who’s in need of a place in Makati! They have a vacant 1 bedroom unit in Legazpi village and will rent it out at a “more than friendly rate” rate–the current rate of the studio we were renting! After several messages back and forth, they guaranteed us the place until our lease was over and we could move out.

It’s been 2 weeks and my roommate and I are now at home in our bigger, and newer place, in Legaspi village–fully furnished pa upon renting! Not only did God give us a good place, He also gave us great landlords! ANSWERED PRAYER indeed, and more than we could’ve asked for or imagined!”

– Sonjia