I Found My Purpose

My experiences with God through Lifebox these past few weeks have really been eye-opening for me. God is continuously showing and teaching me brand new things every single day.



I’ve recently started doing ONE 2 ONE with someone from the United Kingdom. I had doubts at first in leading him through it, since I’m just 16 and he’s 23, and he is very brilliant! I knew it was God’s plan though, so I trusted Him. We are now more than halfway done with ONE 2 ONE and I couldn’t be more thankful. I also learned a lot from him and I realized that God wanted the both of us to strengthen each other in the faith.



Life Reboot

Life Reboot


Another amazing event was the LIFE Reboot for the Mapúan students last July 31. I volunteered as an usher and got to witness firsthand Mapúans being reached out to. I saw the humility of the speakers and the campus ministers as they reached out to the students of Mapúa. God made me remember the true meaning of LIFE: Leadership, Integrity, Faith, and Excellence.



I’ve also learned the value of worship. I was very hyped into worshiping and then we had this topic in church called, “More Than a Song”. This series made me re-examine my reason for worship, and also why I am a Christian, why I’m discipling others, why I do the things I do.

I worship because a relationship with God is better than life. And I do everything I do, to honor God and make disciples, because as these past few weeks have made me realize, that’s our purpose. That’s my purpose.


– Jecho

Jecho and his dad, who also serves God in the Ushering Ministry

Jecho and his dad, who also serves God
in the Ushering Ministry