I Waited and I Got In!

It was almost two years ago when my faith was greatly tested during the Prayer and Fasting. I was praying for a scholarship in Korea during that time and frankly, I was scared. The scholarship, depending on Korea’s budget for that year, is only offered to 2 to 3 students per country and for Philippines, the quota is only 2.

It was November then when they started the interview process which was the first stage of selection. With God’s grace, I got in with 2 other Filipinos. After a month, for the second selection, Korea’s Institute of International Education released their results and among us 3, I was on the waiting list. The other two are with PASSED status. I am still beyond thankful that even with a WAITING status, there’s still a chance that I might get in.

For the Prayer and Fasting of the coming year, I’ve set this as my faith goal. With my victory group, and a few friends, they have joined me to pray for this scholarship. Not long after the Prayer and Fasting, God showed His faithfulness to me. They released the final results for the program and I GOT IN!

God is indeed faithful and when you lay down all your worries, and surrender all your plans to Him, He will take you to places you can never imagine. In my case, literally, He took me to a place that is new to me. Now, I’m living and studying in Korea for almost 2 years now and still, God is doing great things in my life!