Nothing More to Prove

Micah, one of our volunteers here in Victory Makati, underwent Victory Weekend with his wife last July. He sent us his testimony on how Jesus changed his life since he accepted Him as his Lord and Savior.

Read his story below.

I had challenging life roles to play back then: I was a full-time working college student, apart from being a husband and a father. An unbeliever who was, for 6 years, drunk with the misconception of a world without God and victories achieved only with my own skills. I always felt the need to work or fight for something to earn it, deserve it. It was a stressful life.

My release was to cyber-bash and backstab my way to a notoriety that gave me an addicting sense of false pride, but left a bad case of self-condemnation. I was excessively keen on noticing faults and collecting FB likes by writing. I was my own god, my own idol, my own truth.

That was 7 months ago. That was before Christ.

My wife wanted to go to church on her birthday, November 12. But knowing that I won’t accompany her, she decided to go attend a Tuesday service a week later, November 19. In fear of her being approached by some random guy (paranoia was one of my struggles back then), I went with her. I was brought back to God right there and then. And I was the one asking and “nagging” her about the next service.

Since giving myself to Jesus, God has told me that there is nothing more to prove, nothing more to fight for. It is finished, paid in full, no interest or hidden charges. Ironic as it sounds, the biggest fight for our lives was won by surrendering, not fighting. Similarly, giving up DID, DOES, and WILL win the day, for it is Jesus who we give up everything to.

– Micah

Graduate, Multimedia Arts Batch 2014 / Husband / Father / Saved