Reach for the Stars!

“The Manulife Stars of Excellence awards is a prestigious honor given only to the top performing individuals in the company. Less than 1 percent globally are given such honor. While I didn’t think I would get such honor because I’m new to the company (barely 2 years; the other winners have been in the company way longer), I prayed earnestly that my hard work and my team’s diligence, perseverance, and creativity would be blessed with this nomination.

God answered my prayer and granted this. I received the award last June 12, and was flown by the company to Canada to receive the award.

The trip to Canada also involved a side trip to the US.

I also indicated in my January 2013 Prayer & Fasting faith goals that I wanted to travel to these two countries and God granted me even that — all expenses paid for by the company!”

– Salie