Restored by His Grace for His Purpose

“I grew up in a broken family, hating everyone and everything; my dad, my mom, my family, and my life. I became agnostic; in layman’s term, I didn’t care about God. My life revolved around my school, my barkada (friends), and my boyfriend. After college we decided to get married and after 2 years of being engaged, he went MIA (missing in action) for 6 months and came back with a baby. My life was shattered. I felt more rejected and unloved than ever in my life. I fell into a deep depression and anger. I turned to work, alcohol, and tormenting my staff. I would work for 16 hours a day and cry or drink (or both) myself to sleep. I wanted to die.

Then one day an officemate gave me a Christian album and it ignited my curiosity about God. It made me question the love of this person to a God who is distant. This same officemate dragged me to church and that night, the pastor said, “You are wasting your life on something that doesn’t matter in eternity”. That made me more angry but, I also prayed that night. I said, “God if you are true, if you are real, forgive me and give me peace.” That night was the first time I was able to sleep peacefully, and for an insomniac like me, it was a miracle.

I decided to keep on going back to church because I wanted to prove the pastor wrong. I wanted to show that I was not wasting my life but, the more I attended, all the more I realized that I was indeed wasting my life. The more I attended, the more I saw who God really is. He showed me little by little his love and I fully surrendered my life to him during Victory Weekend.

After 4 years of surrendering my life to Jesus, obeying, and serving him, I found an eternal purpose, an everlasting love, and a kind of acceptance nobody can ever give me. He restored and re-purposed me by His grace for His purpose. I couldn’t be more thankful to those who obeyed and didn’t give up on me.”

– Nichelle Ang