10 Times Greater

“During Prayer and Fasting last January, I was praying to God for financial breakthrough – savings by the end of the year and asked for an exact amount. By faith, I was just believing for it as I asked God for an outrageous amount- outrageous for me but not for my God. Indeed, He is ...

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From 5M to 0 Debt

“My family has been in debt since 2003. For 10 straight years, my parents have tried persistently to settle 5-M worth of debt from our already bankrupt distributing business. At the middle of 2011, we had at least half a million left to pay. And with my papa losing his job, we had barely any ...

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God’s Favor In Our Rent

“During our seven day prayer and fasting last January, one of the things I was believing God for was to be able to move to a bigger place. I was praying that it would still be around Salcedo village or Legazpi village in Makai, and that my roommate and I wouldn’t have to pay more. It seemed ...

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