What is Missional Worship?

Missions, StoriesNov 12 2014Comments Off on What is Missional Worship?

“I believe the Holy Spirit is introducing and anointing another expression of worship music to us, which I refer to as “missional worship.”  These songs express not only what God is doing or wants to do in us and for us, but what God wants to do through us as well!” In this ...

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Ten Days Mission to India

Missions, StoriesFeb 14 2014Comments Off on Ten Days Mission to India

Last January 11, 2014, we sent a Ten Days Mission team to Visakhapatnam, India to conduct an outreach event for the children of our Every Nation church, Love and Care Ministries, and to organize the first Victory Weekend there. Here’s the video that the team made to recap their unforgettable ...

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