What is Missional Worship?

“I believe the Holy Spirit is introducing and anointing another expression of worship music to us, which I refer to as “missional worship.”  These songs express not only what God is doing or wants to do in us and for us, but what God wants to do through us as well!” In this ...

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Waiting and Trusting

I learned a lot of things from the Seenzoned series like holding on to God while waiting and trusting God when things don’t go our way. The topics were relevant and they are applicable in our lives. What struck me the most is the thought that we keep on telling God our problems pero hindi ...

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Nothing More to Prove

Micah, one of our volunteers here in Victory Makati, underwent Victory Weekend with his wife last July. He sent us his testimony on how Jesus changed his life since he accepted Him as his Lord and Savior. Read his story below. I had challenging life roles to play back then: I was a full-time ...

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